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Why DRD4 and what is it?

DRD4 is a gene which detects dopamine in our brains and when we see, hear, taste, smell, touch or experience something new, exactly this dopamine is distributed in our bodies.

It then depends on the amount that is distributed, if we feel calm and tranquil or frightened and stressed. If we are astonished by something, dopamine leads us to being happy and satisfied. This makes us somehow addicted to the feeling and we want more dopamine. Therefore, we look for adventure and new experiences; we want to learn and our sense for fantasy, creativity and sex is raised.

Nowadays, it is proven that extreme athletes have got a greater developed DRD4-gene developed than “ordinary” people. Being kayakers, we belong to exactly this kind of people.

Summing up, we are anything but a crazy, young team having a great sense for adventure, curiosity, a lot of fantasy and desire for sex!


Keep on riding and stay tuned!