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Description about our homeruns:
Rivers: Passer/Passirio & Etsch/Adige
Location: Merano/ Alto Adige/ Italy

ATTENTION: Since 2014 is a new online gauge on the Passer river!!

Passer city (Slalomstrecke)

Length: 6 km
Gauge: 10-50 m³/sec
Description: Put in under the “Gilf” gorge at the slalom race section. The first hundred meters (boulder garden) are the most difficult, after this it gets much easier. Passing the city there will come four barrages, the 3rd has a sticky hole so it’s better to take a look (right are a few eddies). After this, you come to the confluence with the Etsch River, soon you will come the slalom course and there is the take out.
Tipp: Take some money with you, so you can stop in the centre for an ice cream
Put in: “Merano”, boats house SCM Kanu, before the bridge to the “Val Passiria” valley
Take out: “Marlengo”, slalom canal, parking area hotel “Marlingerhof”

Passer classic

Length: 7 km
Gauge: 10-50 m³/sec
Description: Beautiful class III-IV run. Who is looking for an extra challenge can carry his kayak 300 meters upstream: there is a short class 4 rapid. If not you can use the normal put in at the parking area and it starts with class 3. The river has clear lines, there are a lot of eddies and along the river is a biking track.
After 1 km the river divides for 100 meters, normal line is at the right but it’s also possible to run it on the left. Immediately afterwards you will pass under a high bridge and from now on, various class III-IV rapids follow. They are always runnable and it is possible to scout and eventually portage. The last 2 km is again class 3. When you see am arch footbridge over a weir, you are at the take out (football field).
Put in: After “Saltusio”, the first time the street comes near the river, right side is a small parking place
Take out: “Riffiano”, sports ground (football field), a small street goes deep down to the river

Upper Passer (Hinterpasseier)

Length: 3 km
Gauge: 25-40 m³/sec
Description: It is a really fair class IV forest gorge river with a lot of eddies. You can scout everything. When you come to a small lake with an artificial dam you have to portage at the left side. Put in straight after it, you can run two artificial drops about 2 meters, the first in the middle and the second at the left side. If you don’t like to run it just go ahead other 50 meters and then back to the river.
Put in: After the location “Gomion”, you come again in the forest, than first small street at the left side down the wood, first turn off right, you will come to a wood bridge. Put in after the unrunnable drop; use a rope to get down the kayaks.
Take out: “S. Leonardo”, sports ground (football field)

Passer gorge
V (X)

Length: 3 km
Gauge: 17-26 m³/sec
Description: It’s impossible to describe every move, if you want to know the character of the river just check Youtube. At the put in you will see an 8 meter high artificial dam, make a bit of limbo and you will pass under it. After it will come the first rapids. If you think there is too much water it’s a good time to go out. Generally you can scout every rapid. When you come to a rock slide, take care there is an unrunnable rapid (portage river left). Immediately after this is the 8 meter waterfall, at the left side is a big eddy to stop and scout. After this follow really nice rapids and you will pass under a waterfall (like a shower), a few hundred meters after this will come at the left side a rock beam which is a siphon. It’s runnable but it’s better and much safer to portage.
At the take out you will recognize the power station, a house near the river and flowing out water.
Put in: “Moso in Passiria”, after the power station
Take out: From the village after 3.2 km, in the wood at a small power station

Etsch – big volume

Lengh: 3 km
In summer time it’s a big volume run which provides a lot of fun with nice waves for surfing. The put in is at the parking area of the public swimming pool of Lagundo under a footbridge. After 100m comes an artificial slide (it’s better to take a look before) which is runnable on centre-right. You can put in also after the slide. After a few hundred meters, before the bridges, stay on the left side. You should know well the eskimo roll, because there aren’t many eddies.

Take out you will see the gates of the slalom canal.
Second run double fun! One time you know the waves every other run provides more fun!
Put in: “Lagundo”, parking area public swimming pool
Take out: “Marlengo”, slalom canal, parking area hotel “Marlingerhof”
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Riverguide in italian (Passirio/Adige):

Riverguide in german about the region:

Don’t get confused, the places have always 2 names (german & italian) !!